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Requests for source files

Requests for source files can be included in the initial agreement. Should the client request source files after the final deliverable and the project has been completed, the fee will be 50% of the total project.

Why do we have a charge for source files?

The policy is based on the premise that the client is paying for the final product in the form that is agreed upon at the outset of the project. In the case of a request for source files, the assumption is made that there is an ongoing value to the client of the source files, and that value is reflected in the proposal. In which case at the proposal time we assign an amount to that deliverable.

The fee is also a reflection of the time required to access the files in the archive and sending along to the client. Normally there is also some back and forth in file transfer/compatibility, etc, and operating a business where billable time is crucial, we need to account for time spent in archive retrieval. We get at least 3-4 requests from clients for archived files per week and those tasks can add up in time spent.