Campbellton Marketing Agency Sees Growth in 2017

A young, skilled workforce helping to meet growing demand in region

Hutchinson Creative, a marketing agency in Campbellton, recently hired two new full-time staff to help meet the increasing demand for marketing services in the region. With the help of New Brunswick’s Department of Post Secondary Education Training and Labour, the company was able to find and hire young professionals in graphic design and web development.

Rick Hutchinson, owner of Hutchinson Creative, praised the program for offering opportunities to young people in New Brunswick.

“Our region is transitioning into a more competitive environment that requires businesses to place more focus on their marketing activities and tools, creating more demand for skilled positions that a youthful workforce is adept to performing.”

Production Coordinator - Jonathan Callaghan

Production Coordinator – Jonathan Callaghan

Jonathan Callaghan, a 29-year-old living in Campbellton, was interested in a career in web development after moving from Scotland in 2014. The opportunity with Hutchinson Creative allowed Jonathan to get into the industry, and gave him location independence to work from home. Since joining the team as developer in September 2017, he has been promoted to Production Coordinator.

“The job involves creativity and problem solving, which keeps things interesting and challenging for me. Constantly learning and evolving as a professional is a great feeling and will help me further develop my career,” Jonathan explained.

Another new team member at Hutchinson Creative, Brooke Harris, has been living in the region since birth. Brooke says the position has helped her expand her graphic design skills, practice new techniques, and build her portfolio. She loves the environment at the agency, too.

Graphic Designer - Brooke Harris

Graphic Designer – Brooke Harris

“Being able to design and just be by myself and creating is something that just makes me happy. My own space is the perfect atmosphere and making something look awesome!”

Hutchinson says the additions are exciting as demand continues to grow for marketing services in the region. Hutchinson explains that it wasn’t always that way,

“In the past the belief has been that organization need to look to larger centres for consultants in this field, but we’re happy to be seeing more and more customers realizing that they can find these services within their local economy. We believe that the product and service is as good as anything else out there, and it is in fact more advantageous to have a consultant with a feel for regional tone, values, and connections.”